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What a year we've had! It is such a joy to be here with all of you and we finally get to share the commitment we made over a year ago with you. We are overjoyed, and now get to share our vows and some of the experiences of the last year. Unfortunately within the world as a whole, everything wasn't ideal to say the least, we've grown in love together very much and want to share the good that has come out of it for us with all of you.

Saturday the 8th of May, 2021

The Ceremony of Robyn & James





Introduction & Opening Prayer

Musical Selection

Declaration of Intent


Lighting of Unity Candle

Exchange of Vows & Rings

Closing Prayer and Benediction

Presentation of Couple






The Wedding Party

Officiant Jared Huckstep

Parents of the Bride

Robert & Sharon Bognar

Parents of the Groom

Wayne & Debbie Williams


Matron of Honor

Jennifer Marrs, sister of bride


Amy Rininger, friend of bride

Carrie "CJ" Reynolds, friend of bride

Flower Girl / Jr. Bridesmaid

Ella Marrs, niece of bride


Best Man

James "JC" Blankenbeker, friend of groom


Pete Geoffrion, friend of groom

Alex Williams, brother of groom

Nate Jones, friend of bride & groom


Ring Bearer

Benjamin Marrs, nephew of bride