Wedding Table Setting

COVID Safety

Safety first!

Our first priority with this event is safety.  We understand things are uncertain right now.  Please, if you have been experiencing any symptoms of being ill, do not attend.  We will be sad to miss you but we do not want to put anyone at risk.  Just let me know so we can keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

Although we've learned very many guests are fully vaccinated, I still wanted to share details about how we're considering event safety:

  • We are serving plated meals to avoid guests congregating around food service lines

  • We will provide QR Codes to scan so you can access important day of information from anywhere at the venue to avoid unnecessary crowds and backups

  • Due to the fact that the event involves eating/drinking masks will be provided and encouraged during non-eating/drinking parts of the celebration including the ceremony and dancing

  • The main events will be indoors, but there is an outdoor space directly east of the building that will be available. Also, we will be across the street from iconic Indianapolis War Memorial and Legion Mall. Weather permitting, we encourage you to take a step outside for quick fresh air breaks to allow you to continue to comfortably celebrate with us.


We will do our best to practice the safest possible gathering and will be encouraging distancing and masks.  Once again, we want everyone to be comfortable and have fun!